After School/Summer

After School Program

Mrs. Boston is excited about the opportunity to provide you with a safe and secure environment for your child (or your children) in our After School TaeKwonDo Program. Children are picked up at their schools and brought to the TaeKwonDo school.  There, they work on homework and have a snack that is wholesome and natural/organic. After snack, they have an hour of TaeKwonDo before they are picked up by you.  If there is no homework or it gets completed quickly, stimulating games and activities are available.  Although classes are taught in a non-militaristic atmosphere, the traditional aspects of discipline and respect are still stressed as an important part of training. The After School Program is $15/day and you only pay for the days you need.

Summer Camp

Summer Camps are offered as full day.  Drop off between 7:30 and 9:30am.  Pay only for days you need.  Active outdoor play is encouraged with the emphasis on local parks, beaches, and pools.  Museums, bowling, and crafts are some of the great rainy day activities enjoyed by our campers.   Organic/healthy meals and snacks are provided.

The cost for Summer Camp is $50/day.

Schedule Summer 2019 WP

Please contact us anytime at 612-810-2051.

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